With the continuing explosion of the digital marketplace, and literally billions of ad placements to buy across a plethora of digital channels, how do we even start to weigh up the benefits of one channel over another?

Essentially, the client’s objectives are at the forefront of our thought process followed by the research available at our fingertips, peppered with our own expertise and knowledge of the media landscape.

But, how we do we rationalise contextual targeting over audience targeting or SEO vs PPC? What about podcasts vs. music streaming? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat or any number of other social networks available? The questions are endless.

Even if all channels are relevant, budgets are not endless, so priorities have to be ascertained.

Even within the programmatic space, there are endless questions, before even a solitary ad impression has been served. Whether it be, data source, recency of data, targeting capabilities, black list, white list, viewability, creative opportunities, reach, frequency – the list goes on!

Increasingly, the amount of technology at our fingertips can sometimes ask more questions than provide answers, but this is surely where media agencies can thrive, given their expertise and knowledge of the marketplace.

Not only do we have all the technology available to analyse results and interrogate performance, it helps that we have solid relationships with our partners and suppliers. Numbers on a screen can be analysed in numerous ways, but having open dialogue alleviates confusion and misrepresentation of results.

Not only that, every channel we use has been tried and tested for a multitude of industries and sectors, whilst testing a small number of ever-increasing new opportunities.

Searching for answers, and finding new innovative ways to approach digital media is what keeps us on our toes and ensures the industry is ever-changing, accountable and most importantly for me – exciting. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Phil Butcher

Head of Digital


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