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Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Concern for the environment and the promotion of a broader sustainability agenda are integral to our business activity and management of our organisation.
We understand that our day-to-day operations can negatively impact the environment. AMS Media Group, therefore, aims to follow and promote good sustainability practices, reduce the environmental impacts of everything we do, and, where relevant, help our clients, partners, and suppliers to do the same.

Our commitment to sustainability is based upon the following principles:

• Assessing the environmental impacts of our business activity, seeking to reduce these impacts on an ongoing basis.
• Improving our resource efficiency through reduction of energy consumption, water use, and creation of waste.
• Raising and maintaining awareness of the environmental impact and energy-reducing opportunities among our employees through participation and training.
• As a minimum standard, complying fully with all relevant UK legal requirements, codes of practice, and regulations.
• Monitoring our progress to ensure continuous improvements are made in our environmental performance.
• Ensuring that clients, suppliers, and partners are aware of our sustainability policy, whilst also encouraging their adoption of sound sustainable management practices.

Ways in which we are proactively supporting this policy include:

Reducing travel via use of video calls (e.g., Teams/Zoom) for meetings, and enabling regular working from home. Where external meeting or office attendance is required, we encourage all employees to travel by train rather than car or to walk or cycle whenever possible.
Reducing unnecessary energy consumption by keeping electrical equipment, such as computers and printers, and lights switched off when not in use. Lightbulbs within the AMS Media Group office have been replaced with energy-efficient LED’s.
Reducing waste via our office recycling scheme, including paper and other office consumables, plus reuse of redundant computer equipment and office furniture.
Reducing the purchase of office supplies from suppliers who are not local, and only using paper with a minimum of 75% recycled material content.
Reducing unnecessary environmental damage caused by bottled water, with filtration units sourcing mains water being provided across the office.
Reducing the usage of disposable cups through the provision of ceramic cups/mugs for all employees which are washed and reused.
Reducing impact from soaps and detergents via the sourcing and purchasing of environmentally safe products.

At AMS Media Group we strive to follow and improve upon these sustainable business practices in our day-to-day operations. We monitor and review all policies and their delivery, continually striving to improve our sustainability performance and minimise the overall environmental impact of our business.

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