Have you ever had that feeling commonly referred to as ‘Déjà vu’?

Well, this time last year I was reflecting on an immensely challenging year and, whilst things certainly improved as 2021 progressed, I can’t help but feel the recent arrival of Omicron has resulted in many similar emotions 12 months on.

Face to face meetings being moved to Zoom, events and celebrations being cancelled and infections rising at an alarming rate once more.

That said, 2021 has brought some genuine cause for optimism. A welcome return to positivity as we saw many existing clients become active once more and welcomed several new clients to the agency.

Retaining the Drum Recommends Awards for both offline and online media buying was another highlight and great to see that the quality of our work is still being recognised.

Probably the most rewarding aspect, however, was the return to the office after so many months of home working. To finally meet face to face again with valued clients and colleagues was not only a pleasure but a reminder that, at heart, we all still work in a people business.

So, let’s all take a break this Christmas. Stay safe. Spend some quality time with our families and look forward to a 2022 where we are all better equipped to fight this virus and attack the New Year with renewed vigour.

Wishing you and your clan a very Merry Christmas and an Extremely Healthy New Year!



Paul Phelps, CEO & All at AMS


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