Brand Safety is paramount when it comes to our client’s campaigns.

Safety metrics are essential in determining the success of a digital campaign. The online environment should be carefully considered;

Is it suitable for carrying the brand’s reputation?

Does it represent the brand in being a responsible advertiser?

Are the users relevant to the brand and are they human?

At AMS, we have partnered with AdLoox for over 6 years. They have continuously provided our clients with;

– Brand Safety technology that was developed in 2009 and continues to evolve with an exclusion list of hundreds of thousands of website URLs and subdomains that are updated daily.

– Contextual blocking technology that allows us to set up bespoke negative targeting keywords, bespoke to each of our clients with customisable exclusions and inclusion lists to protect our campaigns.

– Complete analysis of every impression to detect if there’s any harmful content present on the page, giving us full visibility and control over where our ads are running.


Paul Spokes