It’s Christmas! A wonderful time of year, full of hope, love, joy and tradition.

But what is tradition? Something that gives us belonging and stability, that bonds our memories and enables us to transcend through generations OR is it a barrier to free thinking, new attitudes, creativity and change?

The way we govern, the topics taught in schools, the hours we work are all grounded in tradition. In recent times we’ve seen the emergence of the disrupters, the agents for change, who have looked at traditional business models, re-imagined them and fundamentally changed human behaviour.

Now, more than ever, we need to move away from traditional thinking. We need to face business problems head on, devising new solutions through fresh thinking, creativity and innovation. So, embrace tradition but don’t let it stifle!

Don’t default to the tried and trusted.

Don’t become risk averse.

And most importantly,

Don’t be a Turkey this Christmas!


Frank Lyons